Ultrasound and Screening for Women in Reading, Berkshire

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About Future Babies

Future Babies is an independent ultrasound clinic offering private ultrasound services and ante-natal screening to women.

Our mission is to provide a professional service in a relaxed, friendly and supportive atmosphere.

Firstly, we are extremely selective about the sonographers that carry out our scans. Unfortunately, there are many sonographers woking in the UK, even within the NHS, that we feel are sub standard. They may be qualified, but they are not diligent. We ensure all of our Sonographers are highly competant so that we can be confident that you and your baby are in safe hands. It’s how we sleep at night.

Sadly, not all pregnancies are free of complications so your baby’s well being has to be our main concern. Employing excellent sonographers means that we are more likely to pick up on anything that may be a concern, even during our quick scan sessions. There is no substitute for an experienced and well trained eye looking over the baby whilst trying to get a cute image or confirm the gender.

Once we are happy that baby is healthy and doing well, we can focus on the fun bit… making the experience as lovely as possible for all concerned. We all work here for a reason and it’s not just the money, we work here because we love it. We talk about pregnancy and babies all day long and still feel excited about it. We’re all Mum’s ourselves (some of us Nans too) so we know what you’re going through; the good, the bad and the ugly! It is our absolute privilege to meet so many funny, and wonderful people and share in such a special part of their lives.

We continuously try to increase and improve our services and now offer a wide range of both scanning and screening services, but our focus is still on reassurance, support and sharing the joys and trials of pregnancy and becoming a parent, whether it’s for the first time or the sixth! From pre-conception to delivery, we are here for you.

Thank you for taking the time to find out about us. We hope to meet you soon.


The Future Babies Team