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Your 4D Scan in Reading

You can have a 4D scan at any stage of your pregnancy to see how your baby is developing. However, the best images are often captured at around 26 – 28 weeks. For more information about 4D scans or to book an appointment, please call us on 0118 958 5050 and we will be happy to help you. Book Now

Step 1: Choose your scan package

15 Minute 4D Scan Appointment. £59

  • Available between 24 - 34 weeks
  • 15 minute appointment with at least 10 minutes of scan time
  • Well-being check of the baby
  • Gender confirmation if required
  • HD Live, at no extra cost
  • 6 x Colour photos

30 Minute 4D Scan Appointment. £99

Our 30 minute appointment includes our Growth and Wellbeing check. We will take detailed measurements of the baby to check the baby's growth. From these measurements we also give you an estimate of the baby's current weight. All of our findings are put into a report for you to keep with your hospital notes. The extra time also makes your scan more relaxed and enjoyable, especially if you have friends and family coming with you to share the experience.
  • Available from 12 weeks to full term
  • 30 minute appointment with up to 20 minutes of scan time
  • Growth and Wellbeing Check of the Baby
  • Growth and Wellbeing Report - to keep with your hospital notes.
  • Gender confirmation if required
  • HD Live, at no extra cost
  • 6 x Colour photos
  • 2 x Keyrings
  • Your choice of music on the DVD if you choose to have one

Step 2: Select your Add-ons

Movie Clips. £5 each

Short AVI Movie clips can be taken during your scan; perfect for sharing with family and friends.

DVD Recording of your scan, with music. £15

A hard copy of your whole scan, for you to keep safe in the memory box. If you are having the 30 minute appointment, you can choose your own music; just bring your iPod or phone with the music on and the usb cable or a CD. The 15 minute appointment includes music from one of the CD's we have at the clinic.

Upload to Dropbox. £10

All your images and any movie clips you have paid for uploaded to a secure dropbox for you to share with family and friends.

USB Memory Stick in presentation tin. £15

All your images and movie clips saved onto a Future Babies memory stick to keep safe in the memory box forever.

Extra Colour Photos. £3 each

6x4 colour prints of images taken during your scan.

Keyrings. £5 each

Double sided keyring with your chosen images - a lovely little memento of your scan.

Heart Beat Bears. £19

Cute teddies with a recording of baby's heart beat or a message of your choice.

3D image of a baby at 9 weeks gestation

9 weeks

3D image of a baby at 12 weeks gestation

12 weeks

3D image of a baby at 16 weeks gestation in HD Live

16 weeks in HD Live

3D image of a baby at 26 weeks gestation

26 weeks

3D image of a baby at 26 weeks gestation.

26 weeks in HD Live

Buy a personalised Gift Voucher for any amount, or for any scan package, and add any message of your choice.