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4D Scan Information

A 4D scan shows a 3D image of your baby, moving in real time.

You can have a 4D scan at any stage of your pregnancy to see how your baby is developing. However, the best images are often captured at around 26 - 28 weeks gestation. At this stage the baby is still quite small in size, but starting to gain weight and develop those lovely chubby cheeks. They are also usually very active at this stage and surrounded by lots of amniotic fluid, which is essential in achieving really clear images.  

If you are carrying twins or a multiple pregnancy, you should try and come in earlier, at around 22 - 24 weeks, to give the best chance of seeing both, or all of the babies. Please let us know if you have a multiple pregnancy when you book as we will need to allow more time and charge an extra £30.  

Depending on the gestation and position of your baby, you will be able to see your baby's facial features; the shape of their mouth, little fingers and tiny toes. You will also be able to see them moving in real time, drinking fluid, frowning and smiling, yawning, sucking their fingers and kicking their legs. It really is a glimpse into their secret world in your womb.  

Don't worry if you don't want to know the gender of your baby, we can simply avoid that area and keep the surprise for you.  

All of our 4D scans include a wellbeing check of the baby but our 30 minute appointment includes a health an wellbeing check. During our Health and Wellbeing check we will take detailed measurements of the baby and check more of the baby's anatomy for any abnormalities; more like those done during your 20 week scan. These findings will be put into  a detailed report for you to take home. We only employ qualified and experienced Sonographers registered with HCPC. If you have any questions or concerns, please discuss these with your Sonographer.

We use the GE Voluson E8 to perform our scans. The E8 is truly top of the range ultrasound equipment, surpassed only by GE's E10 model. You can read more about the equipment we use by visiting GE's website.

Have a look through the images on our Scan Images page to see what babies looks like at the different stages of pregnancy.  

If you have any questions at all, please get in touch and we will be happy to help you.

3D image of a baby at 9 weeks gestation

9 weeks

3D image of a baby at 12 weeks gestation

12 weeks

3D image of a baby at 16 weeks gestation in HD Live

16 weeks in HD Live

3D image of a baby at 26 weeks gestation

26 weeks

3D image of a baby at 26 weeks gestation.

26 weeks in HD Live

Please note: The quality of the 3D images we are able to obtain depends on many factors such as, position of the baby, amount of amniotic fluid in front of the area being scanned and amount of tissue the sound wave needs to travel through ie: Mum's tummy, placenta, cord etc. If your baby is not in a suitable position during this time and we are not able to obtain any images we will invite you back for one further appointment free of charge. Read our full terms of trading.