Pregnancy Scans, NIPT and Fertility Services in Reading

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Terms & Conditions

Please be advised of the following:


  • We require a deposit of £30 for 15 minute appointments or £60 for 30 minute appointments.
  • Your booking is not confirmed until we have received your deposit.
  • If we have not received your deposit one week (7 days) before your appointment we may offer your appointment to someone else.
  • The outstanding amount due for your appointment is due on the day of your appointment, before you have your scan.
  • If you cancel your appointment 2 working days or less prior to your appointment you will lose your deposit. (Saturday is a working day) This means we require notice at least 3 working days prior to the date of your appointment.
  • If you cancel your appointment 3 working days or more prior to your appointment, your deposit can be transferred to a new appointment or refunded in full.
  • If you do not turn up for your appointment, you will lose your deposit and a further deposit will be required if you wish to re-book.
  • Please arrive 10 minutes before your appointment so that you are relaxed and ready to go through for your scan on time. If you are a little late we will do our best to fit your scan into the remaining time available so as not to upset customers booked in after you.
  • If you are so late that you miss your appointment you will lose your deposit.
  • If you miss your appointment and you would like to re-book another appointment, a further deposit will be required to confirm the new booking.
  • If you are late or do not turn up for your 2nd, free, appointment you will not be entitled to any further free appointments.
  • For 2D Dating scans; if you are not yet 6 weeks when you come in for your scan, we will give you as much information as we are able to at the time of the scan but do not offer a free 2nd appointment.
  • For 2D Gender scans; If you are not yet 16 weeks we will not be able to tell you the sex of your baby and we will not offer a 2nd appointment free of charge. If you are 16 weeks but your baby is not in a suitable position for us to determine the sex we will offer you 1 further gender scan appointment free of charge.
  • For 4D scans; if your baby is not in a suitable position and we are unable to obtain any images we will offer you 1 further appointment free of charge.
  • We operate to the current internationally agreed safety standards issued by the British Medical Ultrasound Society (BMUS). In particular, the guidelines for thermal and mechanical indices and exposure times for obstetric ultrasound applications must be complied with and the ALARA (As Low As Reasonably Achievable) principle is applied throughout. This means we will not continue to scan if we have obtained satisfactory images and/or measurements of the baby so appointment times may vary slightly from person to person. 

The quality of the 3D images we are able to obtain depends on many factors such as, position of the baby, amount of amniotic fluid in front of the area being scanned and amount of tissue the sound wave needs to travel through ie: Mum’s tummy, placenta, cord etc.