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Cervical Scan

14 – 32 weeks. £99

It is not usual to look at the cervix routinely, but if a mother has had a previous preterm delivery, or has had treatment on her cervix in the past, it is worth having a cervical scan. Your own hospital will usually perform this for you if you are at high risk, but it can also be done with us at Future Babies. It is best done at around 23 – 24 weeks, but can be done at other gestations if there is a specific indication, so do ask if you are unsure.

We perform the cervical scan transvaginally as this is the most accurate means of assessing the length of the cervix.

We will only have a brief look at the baby during this appointment to check the heart beat and movement. If you would like us to take measurements and spend time checking the baby’s growth and wellbeing please book another appointment at the same time.