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Detailed Anomaly Scan. 18 – 24 weeks.



The anomaly scan is an important part of your antenatal care. It provides a detailed anatomical check of the structures of the baby from head to toe. We take measurements to check baby’s growth and look for the first signs of  any potential genetic disorders. This scan is commonly known as the 20 week scan. It is usually performed between 18 to 24 weeks because some anomalies cannot be seen earlier than this.

All pregnant women in the UK under the antenatal care of the NHS will be offered this scan. However, if for any reason you would like to have an anomaly scan performed privately, we can provide this for you. All of our sonographers are fully qualified and experienced in obstetrics so will be able to answer any questions you may have.

Gender identification can be included if required.  If we have time during your scan, we will also have a quick look in 4D if you would like us to.

If you know you are carrying twins or a multiple pregnancy, please let us know when you book. We need to allow more time for multiple pregnancies and charge an extra £60 for each additional baby.


What’s included?


  • 2D Diagnostic Anomaly scan by a qualified Sonographer.
  • Well-being Checks.
  • Growth Measurements.
  • Estimated Weight.
  • Gender Identification.
  • A quick look in 4D with up to 2 x 3D images saved, If possible.
  • Detailed Anomaly Scan Report.
  • 2 x black and white, 2D or 3D, thermal prints.
  • Access to a Little Loyalty Reassurance Scan.

Optional extras:

  • Your images on a USB memory stick. £15.
  • Your images uploaded to drop box. £10.
  • Extra thermal prints. £2 each.
  • Photo print of your 2D or 3D image. £3 each.
  • Keyrings. £5 each.
  • Heartbeat Bear. £19.



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