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Group Strep B Testing

£59 If you do the swabs yourself / £79 If we do the swabs for you


Group streptococcus B (GBS) is one of many different bacteria which live inside your body. About a third of us has GBS in our gut without even knowing it. About a quarter of women also have GBS in their vagina. If you do, you won’t know it’s there, as GBS doesn’t have any obvious symptoms. GBS bacteria can be passed from you to your baby during labour. But this doesn’t usually cause problems, and most women who carry GBS bacteria have healthy babies. It is thankfully only in rare cases that GBS can cause serious illness and, even more rarely, the loss of a newborn baby. Though it’s unusual, GBS is the most common cause of severe infection in newborns, particularly in the first week after birth (early onset infection). In the UK, about 340 babies develop a GBS infection every year.

At Future Babies we offer a very simple test to screen for Group Strep B.

This involves a low vaginal swab and a low rectal swab from 36 weeks.

The swabs will be analyzed as to whether they are negative or positive and if they are positive then antibiotics will be prescribed during labour to protect the baby.

The test can be done in conjunction with one of our scans or on its own.