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Little Loyalty Reassurance Scan. 14 – 24 weeks. 


(Available weekdays before 4pm)


Once you have had any scan with us, you can take advantage of our Little Loyalty Reassurance Scans.

Many of our customers that have had previous miscarriages, reduced fetal movement, other complications or concerns during their pregnancy, find they need a little reassurance more often during their pregnancy. This is perfectly normal and we completely understand. Seeing the baby and the heart beat often helps nervous mums to relax a little and enjoy their pregnancy more; which must be good for baby too!

We will confirm a heart beat, confirm baby’s position and take measurements to check baby’s growth and wellbeing. If we have time, we can have a quick look in 4D as well, if you would like us to.

If you know you are carrying twins or a multiple pregnancy, please let us know when you book as we need to allow more time and charge an additional £30.


What’s included?

  • 2D Diagnostic scan by a qualified Sonographer.
  • Well-being Check.
  • Measurements to check baby’s Growth.
  • Estimated Weight.
  • A quick look in 4D, if we have time.
  • 2 x black and white, 2D or 3D, thermal prints.


Optional Extras:

  • Extra thermal prints. £2 each.


This appointment does not include gender identification, or a report and it is not possible to add a DVD or other items to take home.

One Little Loyalty Scan can be used for each full price scan you have with us. Limited spaces are available each week. Please call to check availability and book an appointment.