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Combined Nuchal Screening. 11+3 – 13+6 weeks.



Combined Nuchal Translucency Screening, also known as a Nuchal or NT Scan, is a screening test to detect the probability of your baby having a chromosomal disorder such as Downs Syndrome.

The Nuchal test combines the results of an ultrasound scan, a blood test and the mother’s age. It can only be performed between the gestational stages of 11+3 – 13+6 weeks (11 weeks + 3 days to 13 weeks + 6 days).

The results of the Combined Nuchal Screening come back from the laboratory within 24 to 48 hours and will be relayed to you by email or telephone call, as soon as we receive them.

If everything is okay and we have time during your appointment, we will also have a quick look in 4D if you would like us to.

If you know you are carrying twins or a multiple pregnancy, please let us know when you book. We need to allow more time for multiple pregnancies and charge an extra £60 for each additional baby.


What’s included?

  • 2D Diagnostic Nuchal Scan with a qualified, Nuchal accredited, Sonographer.
  • Blood Test.
  • A quick look in 4D with up to 2 x 3D images saved, If possible.
  • Nuchal Scan Report.
  • 2 x black and white, 2D or 3D, thermal prints.
  • Access to a Little Loyalty Reassurance Scan.


  • Your images on a USB memory stick. £15.
  • Your images uploaded to drop box. £10.
  • Extra thermal prints. £2 each.
  • Photo print of your 2D or 3D image. £3 each.
  • Keyrings. £5 each.



This is not a diagnostic test. The results of a Combined Nuchal Scan are approximately 96% accurate and give the probability of your baby having a chromosomal disorder. The NHS currently considers results of up to 1 in 150 as low risk and anything above this, i.e. 1 in 135 as increased, or high risk.

If you receive a high risk result, The NHS will offer you either an Amniocentesis or a CVS, depending on the gestation of your pregnancy, which are invasive tests and carry a risk of up to 1% of causing a miscarriage. Visit the NHS website to find out more.

We offer NIPT (Non Invasive Prenatal Tests), which analyse the baby’s DNA from a sample of the mothers blood and give a greater than 99% accurate result, with no risk of miscarriage.