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Follicle Tracking


Follicle tracking usually involves 1 – 3 ultrasound scans, typically carried out over a series of days. The scans commence around day 7 – 9 from the first day of your last menstrual cycle. If you’re having IVF fertility treatment, your clinic will tell you when the follicle tracking scans need to be performed.

This as an internal scan. Please let us know if you would like a chaperone to accompany you.

During the examination we will count and measure the diameter of any active follicles in the ovaries. The scan is useful to accurately predict when ovulation might be expected. In the case of IVF fertility treatment a follicle tracking scan will determine how many follicles are present and when egg collection is best performed.

The scan will evaluate the size, shape and condition of the:

  • Uterus / Womb
  • Lining of the womb / Endometrium
  • Both ovaries
  • Pelvic Area / Adnexa

A full explanation and detailed report will be given to you on the day and we will advise if further scans are required in your cycle.